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S&C Aquatic Specialists, LLC.™ can keep your systems running in tip top shape..

Choose from either an annual or bi-annual service program. When you do such, S&C Aquatics will come to your door and take care of everything. What is included?

  • Cleaning of deckplates, and deck cables
  • Scoreboard servicing
  • Maintenance & System Checks on your timer
  • Test and service all starting system components including microphones
  • Check all touchpads and backup buttons
  • Perform necessary repairs for Colorado CTS system cables
  • And, replace banana plugs, and cord connectors as needed

To add to the bundle of services, we will graciously provide you updates as to new techniques for timing system operation, basic cleaning and maintenance methods, and lessons learned by others.

Save Money On Maintenance

Work with other coaches and facilities in the area to coordinate purchase of your maintenance schedule and save money by receiving a reduced rate.

Contact Nick for more detail