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“Protective Cover” Deck Plates

S&C Aquatic Specialists, LLC.™ has designed the most durable deck plate system available today. With “Protective Covers” that can be installed in the new raised sockets, you can have your choice of the following options:

  • 6 or 7.5″ inch plate sizes
  • Color Coded Sockets (7 Colors to choose from) & and Plugs* (plugs sold seperately)
  • Engraving of School, Team, Club, or Facility Name
  • Start Light Feature

The list of benefits goes on from easy replacement, to improved durability, and most importantly a 90% reduction in continuity electrolysis! The reduction in electrolysis alone pays for itself when your timer doesnt false trip or miss a pad touch during a critical meet.

Our Deck Plates are the best timing system deck plate yet to be marketed. With the ability to be personalized to your needs, they can become an accent feature on your pool deck. When in use or even closed, your connectors remain clean of water and debris.

Price: $400.00 plus installation, Online ordering soon to be available! For more information Contact Nick and discuss your custom installation.