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Reurning Divers

Top-16-Divers Returning to State Qualifying Meet

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Back Up File – 2013 Federation Meet Prelims

Swmm4Bkup2013 NYS Federation Championships – Boys-01

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Class C back up

Swmm3BkupSectional Championships Class C-01

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Class A Meet Back up

Swmm4Bkup2013A Section 3 BoysChampionships Class A-02 Swmm4Bkup2013C Section 3 Boys Championships Class C-01 Swmm4Bkup2013B Section 3 Boys Championships Class B-03 Swmm4Bkup2013SQ Section 3 Boys Championships State Qualifier Meet-03  

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State Qualifying Meet Scores

State Quaifying Meets Scores State Qualifying Meet Results  AP NewsState Qualifying Meet Results

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