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Category Archives: Equipment

Restore System 6 When Sport Loader Update Failed

Please read and follow carefully the instructions provided by Colorado Timing Systems. Colorado System 6 – ERROR – 2006 09 14 Please contact us with any questions! 315-331-6293 or 585-329-6425

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Using eDive with your Colorado Timing System

Attached is the section of the eDive User Guide which is relevant to the CTS platform. eDive & CTS Please contact us with any questions! 315-331-6293 or 585-329-6425

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Download System 5 Updates

Directions: Down load the files from your e-mail to a 3.5 floppy or flash drive Take the floppy or flash drive  to a computer that you will use to move the files into the timer. Attach the parallel printer cable to the Computer Port 3 on the back of the System 5 Timer.  Keep the […]

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How to Download Names to Display Link

There are two ways to down load (Export) names (Start List) from HY-Tek to DL+: Down load to a Memory Device and physically take it to the other computer (Option #1) Connect a cable from the Meet Management computer (HyTek) (Option #2). Option #1 – Down load (From HyTek) to a Memory card: To Export […]

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DDK Packet Drivers for Older Colorado Display System

Download the drivers from Colorado Timing Systems at Once expanded, follow these directions: Right Click on “My Network Places” and select “properties. Right Click on “Local Area Connection” and select “Properties” Click “Install” Select “protocol” and Click “Add” Click “Have Disk” Locate the files that were down loaded from the CTS web page. Select “DDK […]

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Adjusting Colorado Touchpad Air Pressure

Replace the banana plug on your pad if it is old and corroded or if it is a sealed black plug even though it looks good. Now connect your pad using the banana plug and placing it into your black CTS pad tester (activate by pushing the red button) or continuity tester. If you have […]

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